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Booking inquiries should be sent via email with links and specific dates.

We will try to get back to you ASAP, even if it's simply letting you know a date is unavailable.

We also only have cover bands on Halloween or for a private event.


Our stereo sound system and equipment includes the following list of gear.

Yamaha MGP32X Digital / Analog hybrid 32 channel mixer

Yamaha S115V speakers x4

Yamaha S118V subwoofers x4​

Yamaha SM12V monitors x4

Crown XLS1000 amplifier x2

Crown XLS2500 amplifier

Crown C2000 amplifier

Art tube preamp

DBX 231s graphic EQ

DBX 266xs compressor / gate x2

DBX166xs compressor / limiter / gate x2

DBX 234xs crossover

Thurman Q-602 graphic EQ

BBE 382 sonic maximizer

Shure SM58 x10

Shure SM57 x5

Shure Beta 52A

Shure PG52

Shure PG56 x3

Sennheiser e609 x3

AKG D112

Livewire DI x4

Spacebar Stage Layout

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